You know you have an addiction!

But importantly, you have taken the first crucial step in trying to solve this problem! I’m offering you the first four steps to turn your life around NOW, and resurrect your relationship.

To stop your porn addiction will require your commitment and will power.

Being addicted to porn creates a solitary sexual style that often devastates your relationship – and can signal the beginning of the end of a good sex life.

When you hold an unrealistic and unhealthy view of sex, you’ll end up dissatisfied and depressed – which affects not only you, but your family and friends. Having a real, satisfying, and fulfilling relationship becomes almost impossible as you and your partner have clashing views and needs.

There are effective actions you can implement to control your problem.

The journey to your sex addiction recovery starts with these 4 simple steps which you can employ on your own


This might seem to be stating the obvious, but, just as it’s not a good idea for someone recovering from alcoholism to hanging out in bars and pubs, you need to restrict your access on the computer. Since Access to various websites streaming porn for free was the usual trigger for your slow descent to addiction…

Be proactive and put blocks on porn sites. If you keep your login information like user names and passwords in a document to help you remember, then get rid of it now.
Change your email address too and discard using the one which you have signed up to porn sites with. This reduces the ease of clicking on a visual, and getting sucked back in.
Another effective barrier to porn viewing is to strategically place your computer in a public area of your house that is open and accessible to other members in your household.
Removing the blinds or curtains from where your work area is and increasing your exposure to people will constantly remind you not to click on any pornographic website or else people will catch you and you will be embarrassed.
Going out much more will also lessen the need to give in to your habitual temptations.
Over time you will find that you are just as compelled to view it as you once were.

Step 2: Stop Masturbating

Now, this may sound drastic but you need to have a complete break from intense sexual stimulation in order to give your yourself time to heal.

The longer you can stop the better!

If you slip up, don’t give up the program. Your relationship and the quality of your future sex life is at stake. It may have already happened to you, but if it hasn’t you should know that too many men end up with porn-induced erectile problems (otherwise known as impotence!)

Eliminating all masturbation and orgasm for a couple of months works best. Going back to masturbation (or orgasm) can seriously hamper your recovery process.Masturbation and porn use are linked because most men who watch porn and masturbate.

It is essential that this connection between wanking and watching is broken.

If you feel you must masturbate then do so without watching porn as a trigger to orgasm. But we’ll talk much more further on in this program about how to change your solo sexual style so that it can be more easy incorporating into love-making, once you get the opportunity again.

In the meantime, re-learn how to connect emotionally, practicing your listening and empathy skills. You may find this hard at first, especially if you’ve got into the habit of spending more time with your computer than loved ones.
If your partner does still want to be physically intimate with you, re-establish sensual contact – as long as you don’t fantasize about any themes associated with porn during sex. If your partner is interested in you, you’re really lucky – because this particular transgression isn’t one that women forgive easily – especially once they realize they’ve been just a bit part player in your private porn fueled fantasy.
Re-learn how to connect your feelings with others. If you have had a long term relationship with your partner, and only recently got into porn, you may be able to continue sexual relations with your partner,I recommend that you change your sexual style but if you have any signs of impotence or premature ejaculation as a result of your habit, it’s much better to stop everything.

Once you stop masturbating you’ll notice that your sex drive disappears, and your penis no longer responds as it used to. Relax, this a transitional phase – so enjoy the freedom from your habit!

It shows you that your porn habit is not about a high sex drive-


Step 3: Stop Fantasizing

You might consider it a step too far, but research on mental imagery has indicated that fantasizing or imagining an experience activates many of the same neural circuits as performing it.

So fantasizing about Porn can be the same as watching it, and re-activates your brain’s addiction-saturated pathways  and reinforces your addictive behavior .

This makes it so much harder to wean yourself off!

Discipline yourself. As well as avoiding all types of porn, avoid behaviors that mimic YOUR porn addiction and trigger sex cravings.
Avoid behaviors that substitute the virtual and the two-dimensional for the real deal. You might think that just because you don’t watch videos anymore you are good to go. Reading “erotic” stories and the like counts as porn fantasy – which is best avoided.
Replace your addiction with as much healthy fun as possible, especially exercise, socializing, and stress reduction strategies. It’s important to socialize as much as possible, and even travel, if you need a break from your environment.Indulge in as much affectionate touch and even smooching – if your partner still wants to have anything to do with you!

(If not, you’re going to haveto try to win her back – and these steps will begin to show you the way!) All these activities increase your feel-good hormones (not just dopamine, but oxytocin, which is more connected with bonding behaviours rather than the excitement of dopamine).
Improve your diet – avoiding too much tobacco, alcohol, meat, caffeine and carbs….

Step 4

The process of observing yourself helps you to deal with your addiction with more conviction as you know and are aware of what’s happening to you and in you.

A very effective way of developing your mental control and redirecting your attention is known as “mindfulness”, formulated by Jonathon Kabat-Zinn, who used this term to describe the essence of various meditation techniques for modern times.

Mindfulness is the ability to observe one’s own internal processes with the calm clarity of an external witness. It is the unprejudiced awareness of what actually happens to us and is going on within us, at the very moment it’s happening. This kind of awareness then helps you to develop senses.

You can train yourself to observe your inner experience with calm and with a feeling of clarity – and without reacting ‘mindlessly’. You can be more in touch with your inner state, but also more in control of your urges.
The easiest way to start this process is to watch a session (at Google HQ) on You Tube, titled Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a session on Mindfulness at Google. Practise this kind of awareness at various points throughout the day – walking on your own, spending time with the family, during a meeting at work when you might otherwise drift off into your own thoughts.

You’ll notice as well that the quality of your focus and attention changes, and other people will begin to notice that to- and feel as if you are listening and paying attention to them in a way that really makes a difference to the quality of your communication.

As you will soon discover, this is the most important step for rebuilding your intimate relationships, and getting back on track with your partner.

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