You Can Get The Sex You Want!

How would your life be better if you could have the sex you want? If the quality of your sex life was vastly improved, or you were actually getting some sex, how would that make you feel?

Would you feel happier?

More energetic?

More loved?

More loving?

Everyone has the right to a better sex life. Solving your sexual and relationship problems will give you a sense of satisfaction and increase intimacy in your relationship.

  • restore erectile function
  • delay ejaculation
  • sustain love making
  • increase pleasure
  • explore eroticism
  • improve communication
  • deepen intimacy
  • deal with anger
  • get in touch sexual aliveness
  • cultivate dsire
  • increase sensual pleasure
  • explore orgasmic potential
  • discover sexual satisfaction
  • rebalance relationship
  • restore communication
  • deepen connection
  • directly communicate about sexual preferences

Consider an Individual Consultation Intensive:

If you want to transform your sex life, and learn how to transform your flagging love life into a sexy, mutually satisfying sex life Cassandra Lorius you can book an individual consultation intensive, aimed at giving you a road map to Improve your sex life and sexual relationship skills. Cassandra is available in London and Devon, or on Skype.

Individual consultations are strategy planning intensives for which you complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your sex life and relationship issues, and Cassandra uses this to map out transformative strategies for your specific problems, before you get on the line. The session will explore therapy issues before discussing strategies and fine tuning them!

What will you get out of an individualised consultation?


A personalized plan to get you working on improving your sex life NOW!

Cassandra Lorius Sex and Relationship therapist offers consultations via Skype.

Take the first step to revamping your sex life now, by booking an initial consultation. The cost of the intensive consultation is usually £150, but I am offering it to you for £100 now, which covers my time spent pre-planning using your comprehensive questionnaire as well as the time we spend together on the telephone.

Cassandra Lorius Sex and Relationship therapist offers consultations via Skype.

Pay now to book your consultation and once I receive a comprehensive questionnaire designed to collect information on every aspect of your relationship, sexual experience and sexual dysfunction we will schedule our hour long telephone consultation.

The purpose of the comprehensive questionnaire is to get you thinking, and to give me as much information as possible – so that I can work out an overall plan to improving your sex life, before we fine tune the strategy details in our conversation.

Cassandra Lorius Sex and Relationship Therapist offers consultations via Skype

Don’t delay…. Book now to take advantage of this time limited special offer!

£50 off

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