Dealing with Delayed Ejaculation

With delayed ejaculation, men find that they can’t reach orgasm during intercourse, even though they have no problems during solo sex. Sometimes this is due to a masturbation style (too much intense friction, or porn use) that is too dissimilar to sexual intercourse, and sometimes due to anxieties about sex and intimacy. Occasionally, medicines like Prozac might be to blame, but usually this problem resolves itself by changing your sexual style while self pleasuring, and focusing on relaxing and enjoying physical intimacy with your partner, rather than anxiously engaging in intercourse. As many men either don’t get the quality of stimulation, or somehow feel too guilty to enjoy sexual pleasure, it’s important to learn to receive pleasure and be able to enjoy your own arousal. Standard couple sex therapy approaches are relatively unsuccessful in treating retarded ejaculation, but I have had good results with men who explore different aspects of their sexuality and learn to savour the pleasures of good sex.

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