Erectile Dysfunction? Enjoy soft sex!

Like slow sex, soft sex can really add another flavour to sex.
Too many men avoid sex altogether – with the end result that physical intimacy dries up!
You need to overcome your anxieties abut not having a firm erection,  and let go of your preoccuations with your performance in bed.
If you drop the anxiety and learn to relax, you may find that your partner enjoys this new, slow, soft style of love-making, which allows you to explore more of each other’s sexual pleasures than just intercourse!
Allow your penis to be just as it is- letting your erections come and go without monitoring them – and allow the sexual connection between your two bodies to be just as it is in the present moment. Without focusing on planning ahead, or thinking about what you will do when your penis gets fully erect.
Enjoy the different qualities of gentle., more sensual love-making, where you can caress each other’s whole body, exploring different nooks and crannies that you might have passed over in your rush to handle each other’s genitals. Your genitals can still connect but not necessarily penetrate.
When your soft there’s somehow more possibilities – not just that you might get erect later– but that there are different sensual languages for the ways that flesh can touch flesh; or your partner can use it to touch different parts 0f  her own body and genitals. For a woman who is not that keen on penetration,
soft sex reduces reduces the focus on genitals, because (all too often) once you’re erect your options are more limited to speed, angle, depth, or style such as circling.
Soft sex reduces reduces the focus on genitals, which become another body part to play with – albeit more senistve.
It also allows you to focus on the energy dimension of contact between genitals. What do I mean by energy? If you take your mind back to feeling really aroused and rubbing your body with a lover through your clothes, you know how magnetically charged parts of your your body can feel, even when they’re not in direct contact.
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