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Cassandra Lorius

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Maybe you feel dissatisfied with the amount of sex you're having and it's quality. Or worse still, you're not having sex and whatever you try seems to be making the problem worse. Great sex feels even further away! There are many, many couples are in relationships with little or no sex! I'm here to tell you that it can get better...

Grab my Free Guide on Getting The Best Sex of Your Life.

Inside You'll Learn To:

Step 1 - Develop sexual intelligence and learn what really turns your partner on. Your sexual confidence will skyrocket when your partner can find sexual pleasure with you once again.
Step 2 - Commit to great sex and schedule regular sessions. End the tyranny of wanting more sex than your partner does..
Step 3 - Take charge of your own sexual pleasure, so you won't have to keep holding back your desire. Become sexually confident so that your partner will desire you and initiate sex.
Step 4 - Expand your sexual repertoire. Stop worrying that you can't satisfy your mate and that they'll go elsewhere.
Step 5 - Incorporate the 4 keys of breath, movement, sound and maintaining eye contact.
Step 6 - Improve communication during sex so that you can each explore your desires in turn. Learn to give as well as receive.
Step 7 - Stay connected during sex and savour every moment. Cultivate more sensual awareness.

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Cassandra Lorius

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