How to Train Your Lover

Have you ever wanted to know how to encourage your lover to improve his skills?

This workshop is for women wanting to help their man improve his sexual technique and how to guide him to their pleasure zones – hitting the right spot by design rather than accidentally. Train Your Lover costs £30 and runs from 10am – 1pm on Saturday 16 August, 2014 – moments from East Finchley tube.

We’ll be brain-storming about how to encourage your lover to engage all his senses and use body knowledge, tuning into your sexuality and what it takes to get you excited rather than following his own fantasies!

Cassandra Lorius is an experienced sex therapist and best-selling author. We’ll go through the 7 Steps you need to transform your partner’s approach to sex. You can ensure your own sexual satisfaction even without him having to come along for sex therapy – but if he is keen to learn more, book him into

Become a Master Lover

This afternoon workshop is for men wanting to become a great lover – and work out how to help your partner to reach orgasm.

We’ll be brain-storming techniques and strategies that encourage your lover’s sexual confidence, increases her desire and satisfies her sexual needs. In the process you’ll gain more confidence, skill and pleasure yourself.

The workshop is run by sex and relationship therapist Cassandra Lorius from 2-5pm on Saturday 16 August. For only £30 you’ll go home with clear strategies to take your relationship to the next level tonight!

Learn How to Facilitate Orgasm

Cassandra Lorius has written 2 ebooks to Help your partner or yourself to reach orgasm!

Couples Whole Body Tantric Massage Day

Tantric Massage for Lovers; Transform Your Love Life

This day workshop for couples on Sunday 17 August is a hands on opportunity to learn to massage your partner using Tantric techniques. Sex and Relationship therapist Cassandra Lorius will be leading this workshop with her partner.

You will honour your Beloved, cultivate aliveness and learn to move energy through your body. Although there is no nudity you need to be comfortable with massage in a group room, and come with your partner. This massage day gives you a taste of Tantra with your Beloved.

This massage day gives you a taste of Tantra with your Beloved and costs £150 per couple.

Further details and joining instructions for all three workshops will be sent when you register via my contact form on

How to Give a Tantric Massage by Cassandra Lorius

The new ebook How to Give a Tantric Massage by Cassandra Lorius is available on Amazon











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