Living in a no-sex or low-sex relationship?

It can be all too easy for displays of affection to drop away, until you become like a non-sexual couple. It’s really important to continue to be affectionate and demonstrative even if you are having sexual or relationship difficulties that have impacted on your sex life.

You need to turn this around now! make sure that your touch is non-sexual and it’s clear that you’re not demanding any particular response in return. Your partner may appreciate a foot rub when you’re on the sofa watching TV, or a hug when you’re going out.

If that’s too much to begin with, start by making appreciative comments about your partner. Genuine ones, that show you notice their good qualities and especially thank them for the positive things they do for you or the family. Take time to listen to them talk about their interests or worries. Building communication is necessary if your partner is not responding to your non-verbal gestures.

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