4 Steps to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Here is an opportunity for you to Learn How to Enjoy the Pleasures that come from extending the duration of your Sexual Encounter

Elongate your partner’s `mmmm’ and `aaaaah’ pleasure soundtracks by engaging in 4 activities that will help permanently stop your Premature Ejaculation.

Unlike erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation is not a Medical Problem and requires sexual techniques rather than medication.

It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is but getting to the ‘point of no return’ should be mutual and memorable – and happen when you both want it to happen.

Premature Ejaculation is basically the inability to hold off ‘coming’ – especially after penetration – or reaching your climax way sooner than your partner. It varies with individuals, ranging between a matter of seconds to a matter of minutes.

The treatment I offer is all about controlled breathing, relaxation, pelvic floor exercises and mindfulness techniques that keep you ‘in the zone’ and help you keep it up longer – till both of you experience orgasm.

It will definitely bruise your ego if you are branded as a one-minute man, so, if you feel like you have a persistent premature ejaculation problem, this is your chance to solve the issue once and for all.

This article will show you how you can get your partner bragging about your sexual instinct in bed. These strategies can boost your performance level to 100%.

Premature ejaculation is men’s most common complaint, but it’s easy to treat – and lot’s of fun. If you suffer Premature Ejaculation, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about because it is so common as to be normal.

I offer a more natural way to enjoy sex without worrying how it’s going to end. – without irritating creams, sprays and the like – or expecting your partner to grab your genitals just before you go over the edge.

Here is a grand opportunity for you to learn how to enjoy the pleasures that come from extending the duration of your sexual encounter, and to give your partner that satisfied glow. Waking up beside a satisfied partner is what every man yearns for, and even if you try to be a great lover, premature ejaculation can really ruin your sex life.

There is nothing more fulfilling, rejuvenating and revitalizing than a well deserved orgasm or ejaculation after a great sexual encounter, and there is nothing more disappointing than to leave your partner unsatisfied, leaving you with the thought that she might never come back again or may eventually seek an alternative.

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Techniques to Master your Ejaculatory Control

  • Many men don’t realise that they can actively control their ejaculation time. Muscles tension builds up from the moment you think about sex until you quickly reach ‘the point of no return’ – the point at which you can’t stop coming.

You can develop sophisticated control of these muscles and ultimately choose your moment.

Techniques to reduce Performance Anxiety

  • You need to relax key areas if you want to increase your performance in bed. This in turn boosts your confidence and gives you higher control levels. This is one of the easiest techniques to learn and it can make a noticeable difference right from the start! You and your partner can relax, and enjoy complete satisfaction.

Techniques to Control your Mind as well as Your Body

  • The brain is the control centre for everything that happens in your body and determines your experience of sex. So you need effective mental control techniques, coupled with physical control techniques to permanently overcome premature ejaculation and achieve heightened levels of sensual pleasure.

Advanced Breathing Skills

  • Controlled breathing is fundamental to lasting longer, and is an integral part of the best sex. There are breathing skills and techniques appropriate to each stage of excitement and arousal, that will each add extra minutes of lasting time.

Your 4 Steps to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation:

The fact that you are getting it up, means that your libido is okay, but if you can’t hold an erection till both of your reach the climax stage, then you should do something about it.

The following steps will help you get stared now, though a Detailed Version is Found in my Kindle e-book:Complete Guide to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation.

Step 1. Relax your Body

The right approach to sex is to be relaxed and confident about your sexual skills; to achieve this, you may need to start with relaxation activities to keep you cool and confident in bed.Exercising with a hula hoop is just one of many fun ways to relax the tension men with PE carry in the pelvis. If you can keep the hoop up, you’re onto a winner!

Step 2. Use your breath to gain control

The 2nd step towards achieving maximum pleasure is to learn how to relax effectively. Deep relaxation involves a lot of controlled breathing. There are several abdominal and pelvis breathing exercises that will increase your sexual energy and stamina without making you over-excited and ready to pop.

Step 3. Kegel Exercises

If you thought Kegel exercises are just for women, then think again, because they can be man’s best friend. Learning to strengthen and relax those pubo-coccygeal muscles is one of the best ways to gain mastery over your arousal and ejaculation processes – and can help you climax in an unimaginable way. Kegel helps you get that self control to take you to cloud nine and beyond.

Step 4. Achieve Mental control

Taking time to observe yourself helps you develop both internal and external self awareness. Mindfulness makes you more aware, centred in yourself, calm and leads to greater sexual mastery. Incorporating mindfulness into your sex life will increase your sexual prowess in a great magnitude.

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