Questionnaire: What do women want?

What do women want?

Ever wondered why your partner is never happy with the relationship? Why they are irritable, depressed, or never interested in sex?

This topic is about honing  your sexual and relationship skills – which will help your partner’s too!

What makes a relationship good?

How much time do you spend together?

What do you spend your time doing? Together and apart.

Do you have problems timetabling joint activities?

Do you share practical responsibilities?

Do you feel challenged by the demands of dependants – children or elderly relatives who you need more support with?

Love, sex and communication.

Does your partner enjoy sex or does she avoid it?

Does, or did, your partner initiate sex?

Are you fulfilling her sexual needs?

What do you think her sexual needs are?

Is your partner able to ask you to touch her in particular ways, and in specific places?

Do you spend as much time as your partner likes on foreplay?

Is intercourse uncomfortable – or even painful at times?

What quality of touch does your partner most often prefer?

Does your partner have difficulty with orgasm during sex?

Have you found other ways to ensure that she regularly reaches an orgasm, and feels sexually satisfied?

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex, without feeling embarrassed?

Can your partner explain in detail what activities they find particularly arousing?


Do you take the time to listen to your partner?

Can you hold each other’s gaze without breaking eye contact?

Are you comfortable talking about the relationship?

Have you found ways to agree to disagree – to accept your differences?

Do you still feel romantic towards each other?

Do you make appreciative comments to your partner?

Does your partner appreciate your personality; your kindness, gentless, loyalty, togetherness, passion and your opinions?

Is she affectionate and demonstrative or does she avoid your kisses and cuddles?

Are you affectionate without wanting sex?

Can you cudde each other without it having to ead to sex?

Do you stroke your partner’s hair, or rub her feet when you’re sitting on the sofa?

Have you had problems with infidelity, trust and jealousy?

Do you need to clear the air of resentments?

Do you resolve arguments before going to bed – or do you sometimes lie side by side feeling  tense and rigid.

Do you manage your own moods when you are feeling down or upset?

Are you able to listen when your partner is angry, without attacking or getting defensive yourself?

Do you need reassurance from your partner to cope?

Does your partner seem to expect you to reassure her and make her feel good about herself?

Do you communicate clearly what is on your mind?

Do you expect your partner to mind read (know what you want without you saying)?

How does your partner view your physical appearance?

How do you feel about your partners appearance?

How do you feel about her genitals?

Do you enjoy giving oral sex?

Do you use fantasy in your sex life?

Do you expect her to role play from porn style scenarios?

Do you feel you have a good understanding of each other?

Are you able to tolerate your differences, or do you try to change each other?.

Techniques to improve talking.

Active listening.

Suggestions for quality time.

Timetabling considerations.

What to do about children or elderly parents.

Suggested exercise; Reflect back on what was good about your relationship before,

and why those positive things are not happening now.

Think about what is needed to make the relationship more intimate.

What does your partner need from you, that you want to offer?

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