Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex!

Why do you think your partner is not interested in sex anymore?

If it’s not due to unresolved problems in the relationship – such as an affair, or the intrusion of internet porn into your life – you’ll need to take a look at your sexual style

Has it occurred to you that the kind of sex you’ve been having might not be satisfying enough to motivate your partner to want mr!

The kind of sex we have at the beginning of a relationship may feel fantastic – but that’s often as much to do with the euphoria of new love, as the sex being great! At the start of a relationship , sex seems exquisite and exciting, but once these feel-good chemicals wear off, you may find that you’re continuing with a sexual style that doesn’t quite work for both of you.

Small changes in some areas of your relationship can impact – changing a sexual relationship from one that is good enough, to one that’s not quite good enough.or perhaps, the threshold required for goingover your threshold of arousal and into sexual pleasure and orgasm can be much lower than usual at the beginning of a relationship.

Wile all this may sound like bad news, it actually means that with a small amount of effort and change you can often improve sexual satisfaction dramatically. In fact, it’s an opportunity to improve your sex life!

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